About Us


HEFT Inc. is a Toronto based furniture company that specializes in solid wood furniture. We pride ourselves in our handcrafted furniture that is built to last. Working exclusively with luxurious timber, the furnishings are enhanced by the intricacies and individual quality of the craftsmanship. No two pieces are alike as each piece is the work of an artist carrying on the legacy of traditional woodwork and handicrafts. Hand picked and curated for every kind of space, the furnishings and handicrafts are contemporary with a traditional charm. Ethically sourced and recycled wood ensures that nothing goes to waste. 


History of HEFT INC.

HEFT INC. was first established in 1994 as a manufacturing company specializing in thermal heat transfer systems, located in India. With over 20 years of experience, we make almost anything that is related to the thermal transfer industry. We sought to be pioneers in the development and distribution of critical products in the heat transfer industry. 
Until this day, the company lives on.  



factory image 


Wanting to leave our mark on the furniture industry, we shifted our focus to manufacturing furniture. We believe that nature is the best craftsman, thus we aim to bring the natural beauty of solid wood into the homes (and hearts) of our customers. Just like us, every piece of wood has qualities that makes it unique. The way we see it, our differences are what makes us interesting, so why not let our products share their own history. That's why keeping the natural integrity of the wood is a vital part of our production process- every product is perfectly imperfect.  

 employee in factory tending to slabs

Our Mission

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Chief Seattle

We believe that it is our duty, as we live alongside nature, to protect and treat it as our own. Nature, as our teacher, encourages us to accept our differences as individualistic features that set us apart from everyone else. Just like the tree in the backyard has seen generations, our goal is to further your family's legacy, through a heritage piece that can be passed down for decades to come.