Posner Arrow Leg Dining Table


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This mahogany table is a modern classic. A solid hardwood table never goes out of style and ages beautifully. This particular one with a classic tailored top and the chevron-styled legs has modern elements that lend it sophistication.


 Style/Type:                                           Contemporary
Dimensions:                                          71L” x 35W” x 30H”
Color:                                                    Reddish Brown
Materials:                                              Premium solid Mahogany wood
Made in:                                                Indonesia
Intended use:                                        In-door use



Each piece is carefully hand crafted and designed by skilled artisans

Made with 100% Mahogany wood

Each piece is unique in its grains, markings, crevasses and textures. No two pieces are a-like.

Care Instructions

Indoor use recommended.

Clean surface with a dry cloth.

Use of chemical cleaners is not advised.

Avoid sharp temperature changes.

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