What You Need to Know About Live Edge Tables

If you are looking to give your living space a more modern and sustainable aesthetic, then live edge tables are a great design choice. Made from a variety of wood options, live edge tables provide homeowners with both a functional and fashionable design piece. 

Live edge tables allow you to capture the authenticity of nature, eliminating restrictive lines and allowing your pieces to remain in their original shape and form. It’s a modern example of traditional craftsmanship, still requiring the hands of the maker to bring it to life. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that you will treasure and pass down for years to come.


What is Live Edge Table?

Live edge furniture has been in homes for generations. Harbouring back to the days when a carpenter would take freshly fallen tree wood and craft it into a table or other piece of future, live edge is a continued example of tradition. But what is a live edge table? 

Unlike modern machine-made furniture, a living edge table holds its natural look and shape. Without finely cutting it into a square, a live edge table remains the same shape of wood as when it was cut down. The crafter then sands and finishes the piece so that it can be used as a table. It is treated to allow for spillage and can withstand day-to-day use with ease. Live edge tables also offer a variety of wood materials and grains so you can get a unique and finely crafted piece unlike any other. 


Types of Wood Cuts

You likely already own a live edge piece of craftsmanship such as a charcuterie board or centrepiece made from live edge wood. You have also likely noticed the variety of wood cut and grain options available. This is true for larger pieces of furniture too. In this case, the furniture maker is given some truly beautiful pieces of raw wood to work with and create a fine piece of furniture. But how do you know which wood cut is right for your home decor and needs? 


A wood slab has a live edge on both sides. It is cut lengthwise from the tree and gives you the most natural and traditional option for furniture. 


A slice of wood or tree round is cut horizontally from the tree, or the tree trunk. A slice will have a live edge around the outside and is the perfect choice if you choose to use it as a side table. 


A more luxurious option, burls are a large, round outgrowth from the tree trunk. These beautiful “deformities” are incredibly rare and sought after becuase of their unique patterns and bumpy edges. 

Features and Traits

Homeowners love live edge tables, not just for their wood cuts, but for the variety of features and traits that make them truly unique. A piece of live edge furniture is an investment in quality and craftsmanship so it is important to find a piece that is distinctive.


Sometimes referred to as butterflies, these are inlaid pieces of wood in the cracks of the table-top. It prevents the crack from getting wide while adding stunning definition to your piece. 


Bark or no bark? 

This comes down to personal choice, but many homeowners who love the look of live edge furniture want their piece to reflect its natural state as much as possible. This means leaving the bark on for a rougher and more rugged look. It’s particularly effective in homes with a rustic or cottage aesthetic, while no bark works best in more modern homes. 


Live Edge Table For Your Interior Design

A live edge table is a truly unique piece to add onto your home decor. Unlike pieces that are more minimalist, a live edge table can easily blend into your existing decor. Creating a space that is modern and refined, a live edge table is like bringing a piece of artwork into your home. It is more than just a table, it is a centrepiece in your home. 

The variety of wood cuts and grain options means you can find a piece that fits into your home decor with ease. Choose a lighter wood for a more modern design, or a darker wood for a more sophisticated feel. 


Other Live Edge Furniture

Live edge furniture gives you countless options to create furniture ‘sets’. A furniture set refers to pieces that will match your live edge table. As we noted earlier, most homeowners own a charcuterie board or cutting board made from live edge wood. But you can create even more impact with items such as wall hangings, side tables and stools to match your new live edge aesthetic. 

Create a workspace using live edge wood with a finely crafted countertop that will add character and functionality to your kitchen. Live edge countertops are designed to be used for regular kitchen preparation. Pair your countertop with a live edge island to complete your kitchen look. 

Take your new design, even furniture with matching bowls, cutting boards, coasters and other serving boards. Choose a singular wood cut and style, or mix it up with multiple or blended wood options for an even more luxurious look for your home. 


How to Care For a Live Edge Table

A live edge table is made for everyday use, but it is still important to treat it with care. 

Too much water can damage your table-top, so when cleaning up spills or messes, make sure to use a lightly damp cloth paired with a mild soap. Make sure to remove all traces of soap to avoid discoloration or staining. Finish by using a dry cloth to remove any excess water. This will preserve your live edge table or other live edge furniture for many years.  


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