What is Suar Wood?

Suar slabs

Where does it come from?

Suar Wood, or South American Walnut as some refer to it, is frequently recognised as an excellent source for high-quality wood slab tables. Originating in South and Central America, this species of tree has spread to Southeast Asia and planted all across the tropics. Due to its varying locations, Suar Wood is known by several aliases in different regions of the world: Acacia, Monkeypod, Samanea Saman, Rain tree, and South American Walnut are a few to name.


What makes Suar wood so ideal?

Suar wood is a hardwood, known for its tonality. On the outside you’ll find lighter, more yellow tones, and as you approach the sapwood it deepens into a rich chocolate brown. The tones together bring a beautiful balance of light and warmth to each slab. The wood grain itself is adorned with varying notches, grooves, crevasses and more that enrich the wood and reflect the history of each tree. We believe that these imperfections are what makes the slabs alluring. No two pieces are alike as each piece is the work of an artist carrying on the legacy of traditional woodwork and handicrafts.

Beyond the aesthetics of suar wood, it is also extremely durable and able to be ethically harvested. We believe that it is our duty, as we live alongside nature, to protect and treat it as our own. The Rain Tree species is given the classification of G5 internationally by NatureServe, meaning it is plentiful, widespread, and not in danger of going extinct. This is partially due to its maturity rate, approximately growing 30 to 60 inches each year. Trees can grow to heights of between 17 and 24 metres, with a trunk diameter of 40 inches and a 30-metre diameter which allows full slabs to be directly harvested while still leaving enough for new growth.

Suar wood is also extremely durable due to its crisscrossed interlocking grains, which make it resistant to cracking from wood expansion/contracting (although cracking is still a natural part of owning a solid wood table). It also has a high level of resistance to termites and rot.

If you have any questions or concerns about suar wood, please reach out to us!

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