Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture has long been a fixture in homes thanks to its durability, long lifespan, and undeniable beauty. Wood furniture matches a wide array of design styles, so regardless of your preferences, it’s likely you can find wooden furniture to match. Looking to buy solid wood furniture? Make sure you know the pros and cons of this type of furniture before making your purchase.


Common Types of Solid Wood

  • Eucalyptus - this type of wood has a wide array of subspecies with distinct texture and palettes. Some popular types include spotted gum, Jarah, blackout, and Tasmanian oak.
  • Cedar - with a colour spectrum ranging from pink to red, this type of wood possesses a straight yet soft grain. This cost effective material is resistant to mold and often used for outdoor furniture. 
  • Oregon - this light, yet sturdy material has a straight grain. It’s also referred to as Douglas fir. 
  • Pine - this is a wood known to be vulnerable to pests. It can be treated to protect against molds and bugs.
  • Ash - among the most bright of solid wood used for furniture manufacturing, this material is often used as a substitute to white oak.
  • Beech - a very popular material in Scandinavia, this is another bright wood. Most choose to paint it as the grain of the wood is not the most attractive. 
  • Birch - a very common material in the northern hemisphere, you can typically expect yellow and white colours. This is a very popular material for furniture construction as it’s not as solid as oak.
  • Mahogany - known for its striking red tones, this wood is popular among carpenters as it possesses a medium hardness. 
  • Maple - this is a wood with subspecies that are both hard and soft. Softer maples are used for shipping, packing containers, and pallets as they are less durable.
  • Oak - solid oak furniture is the most popular. It comes in European white and American red and is highly resistant to moisture. This type of wood is often used to build gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor amenities. 
  • Teak - this type of wood is grown in areas such as Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It’s known to be a high quality material and rather costly. It is a bright material, ranging in colours of brown to golden. 
  • Walnut - with a beautiful brown colour and pleasing texture, walnut is a popular wood in North America. Walnut is a material that is often used in traditional furniture design and cabinet construction. 


solid wood dining table

Pros of Solid Wood Furniture

Durable and long lasting - solid wood furniture is very sturdy and is still a necessary material for all sorts of construction projects to this day. 

Visually appealing - the look you get from real timber is simply unmatched. There’s a reason why more budget friendly materials are constructed to mimic the look of natural wood. 

May increase home value - you may be surprised to know that the presence of solid wood furniture can increase the value of your home. Because of its aesthetic look and durability, furnishing with solid wood can make a difference when both renting or selling.

Comes in many shapes and sizes - because most solid wood is rather easy to work with, DIY and custom projects are a popular choice, and the various shapes and sizes of furniture are the result. When you’re creating something for a specific need you can ensure the measurements are precise.


Cons of Solid Wood Furniture

Moisture can damage furniture - so long as the surface is properly sealed you shouldn’t have any moisture issues. But the second you encounter a scratch or dent, it can be susceptible to moisture.

Vulnerable to heat and cold - significant swings in humidity or temperature can ruin solid wood furniture. Both the integrity and appearance of the furniture is in jeopardy in these conditions.

Pest issues - a proper chemical treatment can help to protect you from pests. You’ll also want to make sure the furniture has an appropriate finish to further provide protection.

Most expensive option - although not all solid wood is expensive, most are. This translates to the price tag of furniture items too.


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Engineered wood for furniture is such a popular choice because of the wide array of options and the ability to customize. And it is visually appealing, long lasting and durable, but there are also some drawbacks associated with solid wood furniture. You’ll have to make sure it’s protected from moisture and pests in order to maintain the longevity of the item. For more information, contact the experts at Heft Home and our team of professionals will happily assist with all of your solid wood furniture needs.